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Different Types of Forklift

Forklift Aberdeen

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts that are powered by lead acid batteries require either a single battery or a fuel cell, which can then supply power to the motor of the truck. Forklifts that are powered by this fuel type emit zero exhaust fumes, which helps to improve the air quality of the workspace.Forklift Aberdeen


  • Environmentally friendly thanks to a lack of emissions.

  • Provide a longer lifespan to the electric forklifts.

  • Produce a low level of noise, making it easier for operators to communicate.

  • Forklifts that use this fuel type have a lower centre of gravity and are more stable.

  • Lift trucks with lead acid batteries have the benefit of simpler operator controls. Forklift Aberdeen


  • The batteries can take 8 hours to recharge and 8 hours to cooldown.

  • Expensive spare batteries will be required for around the clock operations.

  • Charging batteries will sometimes mean longer downtimes.

  • Battery recharge stations will require more additional up-front costs.

Forklift Aberdeen

Diesel Forklifts

Forklifts that operate on diesel are usually the heaviest lifters and have a higher ground clearance, making them ideal for working outdoors on uneven surfaces. The power of the diesel engines gives these forklifts everything they need to lift extremely heavy loads and drive around easily with a full load. Forklift Training Aberdeen


  • Diesel life trucks have more torque, making them suitable for lifting higher capacity loads.

  • Their internals are less complicated, making them generally more reliable.

  • When compared to other fuel types, diesel can last a lot longer.

  • Can be refueled via a bowser similar to a petrol station, making refuelling quicker.


  • Can be more pricey compared to LPG gas, depending on location.

  • Diesel fuel powered engines are generally a lot noisier.

  • EPA standard fuel reserve storage rooms are required, creating additional costs.

  • More consumable parts are needed, such as emissions maintenance, oil and filter changes.

  • Operating areas will need reinforced support to cope with fully laden weight of forklifts.

  • Diesel fuel emissions emitted mean forklifts can only be used in open or well ventilated spaces.

LPG Forklift

LPG (Gas) Forklifts

LPG gas counterbalance trucks generally have longer running times and can lift heavier loads than electric powered counterparts. Forklifts powered by this fuel type can make for an ideal solution to operating in warehouses or loading docks, and can operate both outdoors and indoors effectively. Forklift Aberdeen


  • Widely and easily available as it’s an extremely common forklift fuel type.

  • Highly flexible usage for both indoor and outdoor working environments.

  • Very fast to refuel when compared to recharging battery powered forklifts. Forklift Aberdeen

  • No spare batteries or battery charging room required, saving on costs.


  • Outdoor storage areas required for LPG tanks will mean additional costs.

  • The tank on the forklift can obstruct rear view for operators.

  • Demands a higher fuel cost compared to battery powered forklifts

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